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GuestJet.com-New way for hoteliers to get fully booked.
Published  2009-06-04 | Articles | Rating: ( 0 )

Online hotel reservation is of prime importance. In the comfort, first class and luxury hotels the number of electronic room reservations via internet, CRS and GDS rose strongly in 2009. 73 percent of the hotels gained more room bookings with their own webpage. To support this view Guestjet.com came up with innovative idea of providing online hotel room reservation system for hoteliers with existing websites. Guestjet.com also gives website to those hoteliers who are looking for one with everything they need to get going.

Along with online reservation system,


also gives direct link to IDS and GDS connection. So each hotelier can have board reach to millions of customers worldwide.  Not only with hotels, Guestjet.com also planning on giving similar service to travel agencies, and online system.

More and more people are now using online booking as its easy and fast way to get booked.  Hoteliers  now can simply signup and add code in their site or get assistance to add code so that they can immediately get online so that their visitors can book rooms and also hotelier can market their hotels rates through our network and get attention fast and in best low cost way possible.


Thanks to a new  - all in one-  approach, website users can find accommodation quickly as travelers to get good and low price hotels than other IDS systems.

We do not charge anything to use our service for online booking system and hoteliers  always  get more than they have expects - "Targeting those who are not targeted by others " is our main motto -well said by guestjet.com


About GuestJet.com Guestjet.com is new innovative technology, which helps hotelier, travel agents,
and users to get best deal. Hotelier can market their rooms rates and promotions in thousands of
site with almost no money or with commission basics.
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Rate This Postings:

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