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Rates can be added many ways.
Published  2009-06-18 | Tarrif Rates | Rating: ( 0 )

Tarrif or rates to perticular room type can be set in many ways:

Some of the popular ways are:

Daily basic: Each day you have different rates.

Weekly basic: Some days of week you have different rates.

Flat rate: You can have same rates for all days for all the dates.

Weekly Rates: Some weeks you may have different rates.

Date Range: Some range of days  have different rates.

Monthly Rates: Some months  with different rates than other month.

Per person: Different rates for different number of person per room.

Min Stay rates: Different rates for different period of stay like longer stay rates are cheaper.

Rates by each room: Each room with different rates.

Rates by same type of rooms


You can check our other articles in same section to get idea on rates and way yo set it.


Guestjet.com Support Team
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